Sarah Fay Krom

Visual Narrative. Interactive Media. Game. Digital Art. Animation. Web Development. Writing, coding, teaching and learning.

Sarah Fay Krom is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, educator, and developer of digital media that plays with visual narrative. This is a selection of completed and ongoing projects, published titles, and writing. 

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Website and Online Retrospective of the art and academic career of Edward Bakst.

Visual Inspiration and Research for “Grasp” at the Villa R Arts Residency.

Progress on the ongoing project, “Grasp”, an interactive story 2D side scroller.

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The Writing section contains reviews and articles about interactive titles, digital media and visual forms of storytelling. On occasion there are tutorials, or other anecdotes that just need a place to reside.

Recent and featured:

Navigating the Path of “Way To Go”

Navigating the Path of “Way To Go”

A look at Studio AATOAA’s “Way To Go”, a category-dodging interactive visual journey that paves a way forward upon the playable arts landscape.