This is a handful of select articles and essays I have written. Topics include reviews of interactive works, musings about digital media or any form of visual storytelling, and other anecdotes that simply need a place to reside.


  • Navigating the Path of “Way To Go”
    A look at Studio AATOAA's "Way To Go", a category-dodging interactive visual journey that paves a way forward upon the playable arts landscape.
  • Flying Galleons and Swashbuckling Squid-things
    John Musker presented Treasure Planet at SCAD before the Savannah Film and Video Festival, elaborating on the artistic challenges for this sci-fi refitting of the classic tale.
  • The Tantalizing OIAF Fairgrounds
    A recap of the bustling, prolific hubbub that was the 2002 Ottawa International Animation Festival. Written for ASIFA-Atlanta publication, Keyframes.
  • Chairs and Doors and Standing Room Only
    A first article for ASIFA-Atlanta publication, Keyframes, extolling the sometimes odd but always rewarding path to animation's best seats in the house.
  • DELF 2005
    The 2005 Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum took place in Cyberport, Hong Kong's gleaming example of the future being discussed at the forum. For AWN.