Creative Direction, Exhibit Curator, Graphic Design

Art Arcade at the Singapore National Library

The Art Arcade was a program run by the Singapore Art Museum and hosted by the National Library Board of Singapore. The mission was to build awareness of games situated outside the commercial mainstream. It showcased a handful of independent titles and offered inspiration to budding game designers and artists.

The arcade exhibit was installed for two and half months on the children’s floor of Singapore’s largest regional library. The program included five games: “Gish” by ChronicLogic, “TeamUp” and “Rocket Bowl” both by Large Animal Games, “N” by Metanet Software, and “Space Station Sim” by Vision Videogames.

Along with curating the games showcase, I created the graphics for the library space, and worked with the library to connect aspects of each game with reading material within the library system. I worked with a local software company, Paradise Isles, to develop a game portal that ran on each of the Art Arcade computers, providing information about each title and access to playing them.