Playing with Filmic Composition

Rendition Rift: Lifeboat

The first of a series of experiments with filmic composition, Rendition:Rift is a 2D interactive media piece that explores how the player might impact events of the narrative by shifting what is in view. By virtue of altering the framing, thereby establishing a slightly different narrative focus, the player could indirectly interact with storyworld characters. Within the setting of Rift the user is in a wooden lifeboat opposite two unknown individuals, adrift at sea. The backstory is purposefully ambiguous, emphasizing instead the conditions that press physically and psychologically on their apparent present circumstances. The simple interaction gives the user opportunities to interpret the changing states of the storyworld. Installed in the Digital Arts Research Center, UC Santa Cruz, as part of the Playable Media Arcade.

The first in a series of experiments with filmic composition and reframing as a form of interaction. Currently being rebuilt in the Unity game engine.
Concept, Art, Coding
Interactive Story Prototype