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Edward Bakst Website

The art of designer and director, Edward Bakst, is most recently represented by his photography and drawings. In creating a central online gallery for his latest pieces, it was clear these should be placed in the context of his long and varied career, to visually articulate what can best be characterized as the over-arching ideology driving his view of the creative process. In this regard, illustrates what Edward has termed “gravity-free and reality-independent ideation”—a modus operandi and way of thinking that has ignited and inspired a breadth of concept designs, projects, academic initiatives, imagination workshops, and aspirations.

After six months of gathering decades of material, scanning in storyboards, converting and processing older analog film and video formats into digital movies, and organizing (and re-organizing) a trove of art, photography, animation, and academic write-ups, the culmination is a rich retrospective and diversity of expression that bears witness to his individual approach to ideation. Moreover, it was a pleasure to build a website that is flush with distinctive visuals, exemplifying their multi-faceted scope, and effortlessly communicating imagination as the animating principle. Visit

A website dedicated to the art, animation, photography, professional work, and academic career of designer/director Edward Bakst.
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